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Does God hear my prayers?

Does God hear my prayers?

Some people pray because it makes them feel better, even though they believe no one listens. But prayer is much more than just therapy to cope with problems. The Bible tells us that the Lord is close to all who call upon Him. To all who call upon Him sincerely, He hears their cries for help. 


"The Lord is near all those who give honor to his name; even to all who give honor to him with true hearts. To his worshippers, he will give their desire; their cry comes to his ears, and he gives them salvation."  

Psalms 145: 18 – 19 

God will always hear a prayer. Especially to those who humbly come to God, acknowledging their sinfulness and the futility of trying to earn God's favor and confessing their faith in Jesus Christ as the only Savior and Lord will never be rejected. God is eager to forgive and justify. 


How do I connect my pray to God? 

God hears everything, even prayers. He is God. Nothing escapes from Him. He is sovereign over everything created. Therefore, the question is not if God is aware of every prayer because He is. Instead, the question is if God is connected to our prayers to answer them. 

If we do not pray constantly, we will not raise that Father-son familiarity with God, grow spiritually, and not learn to direct our prayers properly. 

If we pray frequently, we will feel we are children of God. We make Him a participant in our life, we learn to speak His language, and we can feel His presence. 


How am I praying? 

God wants us to pray. He created prayer as a way we can enjoy Him, confess our sins, ask Him to meet our needs, and align our will with His. When we cry out to the Lord in humble repentance, He is willing to justify and forgive us. 

Closeness to God helps us to know what and how to ask. The Letter of James tells us how to pray in James 4: 2-3. In this verse, we can see how Jesus assures us that we will receive whatever we ask for in prayer, but we must learn to ask and have the assistance of the Holy Spirit first. 


Do you feel that there is no answer? 

You may believe that God does not hear our prayers, and for this reason, you feel an apparent unfair silence from God. Therefore, you can turn these thoughts into a troubled heart and a bitter soul, and you start to feel something that contradicts everything you believe. Consequently, you may ask yourself: If God is good, why is He not hearing to me? 

When you start to doubt, sometimes you are suspicious of God. Maybe you have done everything you know how to do. You have prayed all you know how to pray, but you do not see answers. Although God can do anything, this does not mean that He will. God has a particular plan for us. Maybe you feel you ask God a humble request, but it may not be in His plan for your life.  

You can be a faithful follower of Christ and be praying for God to take away something that is causing you pain and suffering. God knows if the trail you are living will result in an incredible testimony. That testimony can cause others to believe in Christ. God may have a purpose for your pain; even it is hard to understand it. God can see the whole picture, and, as a result, the answer to your prayer may be "no." 

Even if you feel impatient, do not doubt God's timing. Although it is not the time we want, it is the perfect time of God. He loves us too much to answer our prayers at an untimely moment. 

If you feel that God is not hearing your prayers or you feel alone, do not hesitate to contact us at Maria Reina de la Paz Parish to receive spiritual support. Remember that God loves you.  

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