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What would Jesus do?

What would Jesus do?

In difficult moments in life, it is essential to ask ourselves what would Jesus have done? This question is crucial because we must bear in mind that we follow in the footsteps of Jesus on the path of Christianity. If we allow ourselves to be carried away by our instincts, we may act in the wrong way. Anger, impatience, or other wrong feelings may guide us. However, if our reference is Jesus, we can find the right path. 


Think like Jesus 

Think like Jesus! Of course, the question is always, how did Jesus think? The gospels show us Jesus in action, but they do not explicitly tell us what goes through Jesus' head. We infer what he believes by looking at the gospels, but his thought processes are not discussed. 

We see a perception in the letter to the Philippians, especially Philippians 2:5-8. Although Paul does not present us with great details in the thought of Christ, he gives us three categories of thought to explore. Three types that, if we understand and apply them, can revolutionize our way of thinking. If we do not think about what we believe, meditating on the matrix of our being, we will do things that we do not want. The much-talked-about renewal that will transform our understanding (Romans 12:2) is the first step to understand where we stand today. 


Follow Jesus steps 

Following Jesus does not imply that He must fulfill my will, but rather that I must divest myself of my dreams and desires to fulfill His desires. 

Following Jesus is nothing more than trying to live as He lived. Participate in his love for Father God and all humanity only if we spend our lives for the love of others, in a unique way for the weakest and most needy. In other words: to be with Jesus, to "have" Jesus, is to "lose" one's life out of love for Him in others. 

Many people forget that the Christian life begins when we respond to the call of Jesus to our hearts and never. Experiencing the closeness of God without being scandalized or unbalanced, that is the beginning of following Jesus. 

Sometimes we have a false understanding of what we need. We put our eyes on the material and lose sight of an eternity with God. Jesus teaches us that following Him implies stripping ourselves of all our comforts so that God's will may be done on Earth. 

If we share with people that following Jesus means that all his wishes will be fulfilled and that everything will be more comfortable, we will provoke a false expectation. When you begin to seek God and are faced with difficulties, you will feel that you are hitting a wall because no one told you that following Jesus also involved conflict. 


What would Jesus do?

When you follow Christ, it represents that He is everything to us. Everyone follows something: friends, family, popular culture, selfish desires, or God. It is possible just to follow one thing at a time. God declares that we should not have any other God before Him. Following Christ truly means that we are not following something else.  

Jesus said in Luke 9:23, "If anyone wants to come after me, deny himself, take up his cross every day, and follow me." There is no such thing as a "half disciple." As the disciples demonstrate, no one can follow Christ by the power of their willpower. The Pharisees are an example of how not to be according to God’s plans because they obey at their own effort. This way only shows arrogance and distortion of the purpose of God's law. 

If you feel that you have doubts about God’s path or if you want to learn how to act like Jesus, do not hesitate to contact us at Maria Reina de la Paz Parish to receive spiritual support. Remember that God loves you.  


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